First Create a Project from the OpenShift WebUI or OC Command Line Client:

You will need OC binaries to utilize command line tools.

Getting Started:

CLI Reference: **

Basic CLI Operations:

You can login using the API token available via the OpenShift WEBUI

Click on the ? in the top right corner - choose "Command Line Tools"

We will use this again later on - keep it handy...

Copy the token and paste it in your terminal (make sure you have the oc tools configured)

This will log you into your cluster

Create a New Project "We generally call it dashai"

Run the following commands (Make sure you are in your new project)

You can type oc project to validate what project you are in.

oc new-project dashai

Deploy the based Dashai Web Component / Configurator

Stable Release:

oc new-app --name cfgtool;
oc expose svc/cfgtool
oc adm policy add-cluster-role-to-user cluster-admin developer

RnD Release: (Deploy @ your own risk!!!)

oc expose svc/cfgtool

Go back to the OpenShift WebUI:

You will see the new project in the webui, have a look and make sure the service was created (You will see the URL near the top on the right side) - we will use this later...

You will also be able see the build start - look under builds

You can monitor the build - view the build log

After the build finished - you can also see the deployer POD and cfgtool POD